How I earned extra money doing surveys & tasks from home anywhere in the world ?

02 APRIL 2018 AT 03:13 PM | BY CARREL

Sharing is caring so.. I am sharing these ways to earn extra money in the UAE by doing tasks or surveys. (Note: Aside from earning money, we can get FREE Samples & FREE Services on the bottom part of this page) :):):)

Actually, these paid surveys or tasks are reference for marketing research firms and they are willing to spend billions of dollars every year just to get to know the customer’s impression in services and products. Check out the list of websites below on how I earned extra money and received freebies/free services in the United Arab Emirates:

 Earnings from surveys update as of 04-March-19

CLIXSENSE. I keep ignoring this website last year.. I didn’t expect that I can earn this much money by just doing surveys and tasks. Don’t be lazy and you can earn $1 to $6 in a day. My suggestion is withdraw your earnings to PAYONEER CARD. See the below tips to get more surveys and earn $1-$6 per day.

Tips #1

Tick all the boxes in your survey preferences to receive more surveys.

Tips #2

Use different devices.

Tips #3

Check the survey router every 3 hours.

The best time to do the survey is around 3:00 am – 4:00 am or early morning.

Tips #4

Please stop saying this is fraud as I can really earn from them. The key is don’t be lazy answering their surveys!

Tips #5

If there is an Arabic Language survey, use Google Chrome as it can auto-translate it to English.

Comment below if you have any question…

 Proof of Payment (CLIXSENSE)


TOLUNA.  Ever since I started to use their website by posting and taking surveys, I earned $15 and I received it from my PayPal . We can choose from toluna reward centre on which way we want to redeem our points. If you don’t have account in Paypal, you can sign up by clicking HERE

Proof of Payment (TOLUNA)


MUHIMMA. In Muhimma, we just need to answer surveys and do some tasks or give what they need. We can receive our earning every Wednesday. I received my earnings to my bank account directly (Will attached the proof of payment soon).

Download app to sign up for iOS : Click here | For Android User: Click here


STREETBEES. I earned extra money in Streetbees by doing some tasks and surveys. (I stopped earning here cos they blocked me for making 2 accounts that against their policy.. So don’t try to do what I did as they won’t allow it) The payout will be send to our account in Paypal automatically.

 Proof of Payment


CURIOUS CAT. In Curious Cat. I am still earning money here as they are sending survey everyday and most of the time every other day. We can earn cash by doing high quality micro-tasks. 100 points = $ 1. We can redeem only in Paypal.

 Proof of Payment


Just Added (09-July-2018) I got this from a friend. 

REWARDING PANEL. Here we can make a poll and participate in surveys. Earn 2500 points and redeem it as cash for AED 400 from western union (see the proof of payment below)

YOUGOV. In YouGov, you can earn from doing surveys and by referring a friend. We have to earn 5000 points in order to redeem it as $50 in western union as well. (see the proof of payment below)

THE PANEL STATION. Cooperate to submit real information in surveys. Collect 3000 points and redeem it in PayPal for $9.30 (see the proof of payment below)


Get free samples from :

OptioUAE : Bid to win samples/services. The rule here is click as fast as you can to win in OptioUAE. We can get free lunch, free breakfast, free dinner (in-short, free food 😀 ) , discounts, coupons or vouchers, perfumes, free services like teeth cleaning, free diamond peel session, free 1 month membership in GYM, free full car wash, and many more.

Visit the website here:

Optio Deals UAE


SampleME : Get available free samples/services as many as you want. Here in SampleMe, you don’t need to bid just to get the free samples or free services. It’s so simple as you just have to open their mobile application, choose and claim /book your appointment. We can get free food and drink, free hair treatment, free manicure, free pedicure, free ride in jet-ski, free kayaking, free haircut, free brazilian wax, free blow-dry, free stand up paddle boarding, and so on..

Visit the website here:

Sample ME

Anything else that we should know??? Please comment below… Thank you!!!