Easiest way to achieve red lips naturally

12 JUNE 2018 AT 11:38 PM | BY CARREL


Red Lips Naturally Quick Beauty Secret Carrel Memoir


Hello, red lips! Bye dark lips!

Natural beauty is the best, Right girls? You know that we don’t need to spend a lot of money just to get a luscious red lip? Yeah, it’s actually easy to achieve our dream lips. Say goodbye to your dark lips simply by just doing the 5 steps below:


EXFOLIATE using brown sugar scrub! Yes, Brown Sugar. Brown Sugar Scrub recipe: Brown sugar+ Water OR Brown Sugar + Coconut Oil OR Brown Sugar Honey

APPLY turmeric paste and leave it for 10-15 minutes to remove the darkened skin and it will make your lips glow. Turmeric Paste recipe: Turmeric Powder + Water OR Turmeric Powder + Yogurt

APPLY beetroot juice gloss for 6 times for the whole day to make your lips pinkish red. Beetroot Juice Gloss recipe: Beetroot Juice + Coconut oil

Keep HYDRATED by drinking enough WATER and don’t forget to keep your lip MOISTURE by using your DIY Lip Balm. DIY Lip Balm recipe: Coconut oil

That’s all!

To never encounter the dark side your of lips do it as routine 😉