What Is Online Trading Platform (2018)?


Online Trading Platform 2018 - Carrel Memoir


What is online trading platform? In finance Industry, an online trading platform also known as an electronic trading platform, is a software program of a computer that can purchase financial products like stocks, forex or currencies, cryptocurrencies (e.g. bitcoin), derivatives, commodities (e.g. gold, oil, gas) and bonds.

Online Trading Platform generally showing the real-time market prices for the users to trade and most of the trading platform may provide additional trading tools such as charting analysis, news updates, tutorial for beginners, and price movements.

Which online trading platform is the best? In the UAE, the best online trading platform that I can recommend is the IQ Option, aside from the small required minimum deposit of $10.00 or AED 36.73 (as of 05-July-2018), their trading platform is so basic and user-friendly as all beginners can understand how this thing works and on how to work with it.

Why IQ Option? First of all, this online trading platform authorized by the government of Cyprus. Cyprus is under the state of The European Union thus, will make our transaction more secure as well as our privacy.

They are operating and licensed since 2014. Year by year, the users are growing which became approximately 25 million worldwide now with 18 different languages for 24 hours in the customer support. On your trial account, there’s a free $10,000 and you can use it in practicing.

The processing of withdrawal is so smooth.  (See the below photo where we can withdraw our earnings)

4 tips on Trading Online

Don’t risk the money you cannot afford to lose. I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE DESTITUTE.
Don’t ignore the markets. BE UPDATED FROM THEM.
Don’t be afraid. JUST GO ON.
Don’t ignore the history of your trades. STUDY IT.

Yes, As you can see my earnings are ranging from $10 to $100+, depends on how much is my the wager. So.. based on my experience, if you really enjoy or master the trading.. the real question is.. Why not get rich by trading? 

Online Trading Platform IQOption 2018

If you need help to better understand the system of online trading platform.. Feel free to post below…