Virgin Mobile: The best mobile service provider now in the UAE

21 MAY 2018 AT 13:33 PM | BY CARREL

“Virgin Mobile, one of the best mobile service provider, launched services in UAE under the DU Telecom parent company, The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co (EITC) in January 2017.”

Virgin Mobile UAE



Ohh… Virgin Mobile. I’m in love with this service provider! Such a nice service and offer – Thanks to Richard Branson; The Founder of Virgin Mobile!

Why Am I saying that Virgin Mobile is the best mobile provider in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Check out my 9 reasons below:

1. Sim card is FREE and FREE delivery within an hour

Yes, you will receive your sim card within an hour (Yeah, that fast!) Look, I am working in Jebel Ali Freezone and after 27 minutes since I requested for a sim card… This guy from UBER called me to deliver it. Seems like they got more connection eh?

2. No contract or no long term contract

Yeah, no contract, no commitment. You can cancel it anytime you want. No more procedures! No need to go to their branch and wait for the look queue just to cancel the plan. No need to downgrade the plan. You can close your account by their Virgin Mobile UAE app. Very simple isn’t?